OutWit Hub Your Own Web Collection Engine
Unlimited extractionsnoyesyes
Links, contacts, data, RSS extractorsyesyesyes
Image extraction & downloadyesyesyes
Simple text extractionyesyesyes
Colorized sourceyesyesyes
Simple custom scrapersyesyesyes
Multiple-criteria data selectorsnoyesyes
Dynamic source scrapingnoyesyes
Document extraction & downloadnoyesyes
Words & groups of wordsnoyesyes
Directories of links & queriesnoyesyes
Advanced scraper functionsnoyesyes
Macro automationnoyesyes
Periodical job executionsnoyesyes
Query generation patternsnoyesyes
Advanced Dig functionsnoyesyes
Multi-frame scrapingnonoyes
Generation patterns in scrapersnonoyes
FTP upload of scraped datanonoyes
Extended scraper directive setnonoyes
Up to 3 concurrent usesnonoyes
System commands in Jobsnonoyes
GET & POST query interceptionnonoyes
Fast scrape whole domainsnonoyes
Fast Dig & Browse in macrosnonoyes

OutWit Hub Light is free and fully operational, but doesn’t include the automation features and limits the extraction to one or few hundred rows, depending on the extractor. When purchasing a premium version, you will receive a key to remove these limitations and unlock all advanced features. Buy Pro - Buy Enterprise.


For yearly license subscriptions or volume discounts, see our Full Price List.

The inline help function covers Light, Pro and Enterprise features. Check it out and get acquainted with OutWit Hub at no cost

OutWit Hub explores the depths of the Web for you, automatically collecting and organizing data and media from online sources.

OutWit Hub breaks down Web pages into their different constituents. Navigating from page to page automatically, it extracts information elements and organizes them into usable collections.
Latest release version: - Nov. 01, 2016
Downloads to date: 944,309

A Powerful Tool For Everyone

With simple intuitive features as well as sophisticated scraping functions and data structure recognition, the program covers a broad range of needs. If OutWit's automated scraping is destined to somewhat advanced users with specific extraction needs, the design of the application makes it accessible to anyone. In a single click in the side panel, you change the view and see the extracted links, data, documents or images.

Grab & Export Web Content

The contents extracted from a Web page are presented in an easy and visual way, without requiring any programming skills or advanced technical knowledge. Users can easily extract links, images, email addresses, RSS news, data tables, etc. from series of pages without ever seeing the source code. Extracted data can be filtered using multiple criteria and exported to CSV, HTML, Excel, JSON, XML etc. or inserted into SQL databases, while images and documents, are directly saved to your hard disk.

A broad range of personal and professional applications

OutWit Hub is a generic tool, with a wide spectrum of usage, ranging from ad hoc data extraction on specific research topics to daily extensive grabbing of online data to populate merchant Web sites or to perform recurrent SEO analysis.

For power users: the Enterprise Edition

OutWit Hub Enterprise is designed for those who intend to use the application for intensive extraction workflows. It will improve your processes dramatically. There are dozens of additional features in the Enterprise edition. With it, for instance, you will be able to use your custom scrapers on static pages of whole sites in Fast mode (up to 10 or 20 times faster), even if your scraper is "self-navigating" (grabbing or generating links to the pages to explore, for hierarchical scraping). You will also be able to instruct the program to download files or to create query directories, directly from custom scrapers and to upload your extracted data to an FTP server. The table on the right shows the main features but we couldn't include all of them. These are pretty advanced, only useful if you plan to use OutWit Hub for high-volume extractions or tricky cases, but if you do use our application a lot, we definitely advise you to opt for this edition.

What they say about it:
  • Love it. It's simple: I am saving at least 15mn every single weekday thanks to you. (Gnarky)
  • I have been involved in IT support and development for over 30 years, and I have not come across a product I can commend as highly as Outwit Hub. It is a superb tool, great value with exceptional support. It is a delight to be able to liaise directly with the development team instead of the modern trendy multi-tiered help desk systems. Keep up the good work! (Dr Alan Burns BSc PhD CEng MBCS CITP, UK)
  • Just want to thank you very much for your great products. Outwit Hub opens up a wide new range of possibilities. It is straightforward and does what it promises. Congrats !! (Ignasi, A. Madrid)
  • WOW ! What a fantastic upgrade. So cool. I really like that you can now directly see just how the exported data will look. Also, it's a lot easier to see what is going on with the info window on the top right. I did not think it was possible to improve perfection but you did it.. Thank you so much for creating this ! Sincerely(Peter, N. Copenhagen)
  • CNET editors' review.: It's not often that the applications that we review really impress us, and that's especially true of browser extensions. Our reactions typically range from, "That's kind of cool," to, "This is totally worthless." OutWit Hub is one of the few Firefox add-ons that really wowed us. This innovative extension lets you effortlessly collect images, links, e-mail addresses, and much more from any Web site you choose. We can't say we've ever seen anything like it… (CNET Staff, download.com)
  • Congratulations on the new version
    I loved the tutorial being stepped through in tandem of outwit being updated in front of me. Great job! (Dean H., Dallas)
  • I have been using your excellent product for over a year. Sifting through raw data used to be time-consuming drudgery. Now I am hopping on my computer excited to get into what Outwit has transformed into sport for me. It's like I am off to the hunt! I qualify for a discount, but I am intentionally dismissing that option since you guys have an incredible product and the best customer service I have ever experienced. I am honored to pay the Rack Rate.(Joe B., San Antonio)
  • ...I am so glad I purchased your program. It is working beautifully and helping me so much in my research. Thank you! (Barbara C., Lubbock)
  • ...great work, brilliant product, keep up the goood work.... (Hofer F., Hannover)
  • Hi Outwit! Great to see you release. I've written before that I think your product is fabulous... (S.R., Berkeley)
  • Hi,I would just like to say that I’m VERY pleased with the Outwit Hub product. After some initial hurdles (while the product was in Beta and I've got GREAT and timely support!), I managed to automate a lot of my web data gathering, saving me weeks of work every year. In addition, it enabled me to do things I couldn’t even consider before. Because of all my tests and experiments with this and other alternatives since last Summer, I can say that at this point: the Outwit Hub product is a much better and simpler to use than any of its competitors, and is the best investment I have made in the last few years! I know you guys working on it have a lot of work and are working on improvements I’m still looking for, so THANK YOU guys, keep on the GREAT work ! Thanks A LOT (Daniel Y., Kanata)
  • Thank you for creating such an amazing piece of equipment! (Aram D., Oklahoma City)
  • Well I am open mouthed and slack jawed, I have purchased more than my fair share of programs online over the years and this is the first time I have had such instant positive effort by the company selling the product. Well done friend... Whomever set up your company to have someone at the email desk for such prompt replies is 100% on the right track for sales and marketing. Thank you, and those responsible. Deepest Respects. (KW, South Daytona Beach)
  • ... You guys are great and Outwit is the best! (Aaron F., Newport Beach)
  • LOVE Outwit Hub! Thank you (Charlie M., Springfield,MO)
  • Big THANK YOU!
    Guys, This is probably the most awesome and useful piece of software I've been using for a long time. And most certainly this was the best 30 euro investment in last 10 years or so :) It allows me to do thinks I would not think possible and I am still finding new uses. Saved my ass actually with some urgent project I though was lost. Sure, it still have some quirks but please keep it up. Kind regards. Nick
    PS. I NEVER write such mails to software vendors normally - for you I made an exception;)(Nick W., Warsaw)
  • Great product, will buy it immediately once [the release version] becomes available and recommend it to everybody. (Henk C., Utrecht)
  • ... Many thanks for your time. And truly I am so grateful for this program, you rock! (Dave H., Portland)
  • I love this program... I have been using various different auto image downloaders and some websites add extra security and restrictions to catch and stop those auto downloaders (these are websites I pay registration for) but outwit works like a CHARM. (John T., Atlanta)
  • ... The program is great. So intuitive and easy to use, i just hope others in my industry dont find out about it so i can keep the upper hand. thanks. (Anderson S., Los Angeles)
  • Sweet Baby Jesus, I love this product. do you know what a goldmine this is for research dorks? You guys rule, and really should be accepting donations or something from the adoring world of the Internet. BEST PRODUCT EVER. (Carey L., Washington)
  • ... I have used your product extensively and we spoke about participation in your Beta. Over this summer 2010 I have pulled around 2-3 million lines of data from various API’s, product/images/web searches, nearly every pay per click website around, who-is databases, and various competitors websites. I have refined my scrapes to the point it’s what I use them exclusively along with your macro & job scheduling systems and have learned the art of making the scripts fast. (...) My serial expired today. I can’t live without my Outwit and am having withdrawals. ;) (...) help me continue using this amazing (seriously i love it) product. By the way I have tested M..., a paid service extensively and a few other well known (yet inferior IMO) products. I hope you're excited....You should be honored to have developed one of the best online business tools around to date. (Brandon W., SF)
  • ...I would also like to congratulate you on the quality of your tool, I tested several tools and Outwit Hub is in my opinion the best one ! Keep it up… (Olivier H., Paris)
  • ...Oh and just got my million records in like 3 hours on 1 pc...nice macro scraper. (Steve S., Saratosa)
  • I thank you for this great tool, it was probably the first time I've actually paid for an application and am truly sure I didn't over-pay. P.S. Do you need a Polish translation for OutWit? I could make one if you are interested... Cheers,
    Satisfied customer (G. H., Thorn)