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Harvest the web - 3
Are you tired of wasting countless hours searching through the Web? Tired of scrolling down search engine results, clicking, copying, pasting, saving then starting the whole process over again?

New OutWit Hub v5.0: 
Your all-purpose Web collection engine.

With OutWit Hub, you will find, grab and organize all kinds of data and media from online sources. It will automatically explore series of Web pages or search engine results for you and extract contacts, links, images, data, news, etc.

Pro Edition: Powerful, Easy Web Scraping.

OutWit Hub dissects Web pages into their different elements. As the program knows how to navigate from page to page in sequences of results, it can automatically extract quantities of information objects and organize them into usable collections.

Enterprise Edition: For Power Users.

For fast, high-volume extractions, complex cases requiring advanced directives or server script automation, the Enterprise edition includes a wealth of additional functions.
Purchase v.5 or Subscribe
Pro US$ 89.90 US$ 59.90
Enterprise US$ 495.00 US$ 275.00

Email Sourcer 5.0

Grab Contacts From the Web.

With the simplest of interfaces (Web page at the top, found results at the bottom), Email Sourcer simplifies and automates your contact sourcing tasks. Simply click on the exploration button and have Sourcer do the work for you.

Email Sourcer functions are also included in OutWit Hub.
Purchase v.5 or Subscribe
Pro US$ 59.90 US$ 39.90

OutWit Docs (free)

Your WebTop for finding and collecting documents, spreadsheets, presentations... With OutWit Docs, you will find all kinds of documents from multiple online sources. Docs is a simple application which explores large series of Web pages or search engine results for you and downloads the files automatically.

OutWit Images (free)

is a simple, straight-to-the-point online image browser. Explore the Web for pictures and easily create, save, and share collections. With OutWit Images, you can automatically explore Web pages or search engine results for pictures and create, save and share your collections or view them as full-screen slideshows.